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The International School of Texas is a non-profit, non-faith based private school serving the areas of Bee Cave, Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Four Points, River Place West Lake and the surrounding communities. Our school’s mission is to operate a high-quality, Brain-Friendly Learning environment where children are recognized for their individual abilities, intelligences and learning styles and to help them become future leaders.

The school is accepting applications for students from age of 3 through 11, covering the span of Nursery through to Year 6, the equivalent of U.S. 5th grade.

All children go through an assessment process as part of the school’s selection and interview process. This is the first step in identifying a child’s primary learning style. If a child is accepted by the school, further emphasis will be placed upon this in order to understand how best that child learns. Once that determination is made, the child’s range of multiple intelligences is determined in order to expand and fulfill that individual’s potential academically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.